Hitting it big in Hollywood isn’t what it seems.

When Adrianna arrives in Hollywood to start her new life, she has one goal in mind – to become a star. With no money but plenty of dreams, she’s determined to find the perfect role.

After romantic hiccups, betrayals, and tragedy, Adrianna falls in love with an A-list producer in the unlikeliest of places. She soon realizes that love, like her dreams of stardom, isn’t quite as simple as it seems. Struggling to find her place in a cut-throat industry while she navigates the rocky road of love, Adrianna’s troubles only go from bad to worse.

As the difficult decisions begin to mount, Adrianna is faced with a question that could make or break her career – how far is she willing to go to achieve her dreams?

Written in a diary format and providing a wry and often humorous look at the classic stardom story, fans of romance and compelling characters will adore DreamCity.

Elle Nixon thought she had the perfect life.

A publicist to music’s hottest stars and in love with a handsome, charismatic millionaire, a baby on the way should be the cherry on top of a charmed life.

Before she can break the news to her boyfriend, he mysteriously disappears in the middle of a high-profile FBI investigation, Elle is left reeling as her life crumbles around her. Fallen from grace and landing back in her childhood room, Elle must reinvent herself and reconcile with everything she once thought she was… all while preparing for motherhood.

As Elle unravels the web of secrets and lies that mark her past, she stumbles upon a tall, dark and gorgeous man from her past – and she can’t help but wonder if her happily-ever-after is still up for grabs.

If you like gripping romance with suspense, a dash of mystery, and one woman struggling to reinvent her life, then you won’t want to miss Bumped. Grab your copy now at Amazon!