Best Newsletters for Freelance and Fiction Writers

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If you’re looking for outlets to publish your work, here are my favorite newsletters that I scour every week for writing opportunities. It’s not so much a matter of I publish, therefore I am. It’s more along the lines of I publish, therefore I eat.

Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers is a staple. Her free newsletter comes out every Friday and offers a mix of contests, freelance markets, grants and fellowships, publishers and agents.

Erika Dreifus’ Monday Markets and Jobs for Writers is updated on her site every, you guessed it, Monday. She does offer a monthly newsletter as well. Her Monday Markets offers an eclectic sampling of academic jobs, competitions, residencies, and calls for submissions. The free monthly newsletter offers more resources and articles.

I recently subscribed to Nikki Grimes’ Will & Way, a free weekly newsletter geared towards funneling creative and tech job opportunities to women of color. It comes out on Wednesdays and has less of a freelance focus but lists some pretty cool jobs all over the country.

Sonia Weiser’s Opportunities of the Week comes out every Tuesday and has a pretty comprehensive list of calls for submission culled from Twitter for a variety of outlets with a link to the threads. It’s not free, it’s $3/mo., but in the spirit creatives, she does offer sponsorships if you need it.

Tatiana Walk-Morris’ The Freelance Beat is a free newsletter that comes out every Wednesday. She offers a variety of media jobs and writing gigs.

Allison Joseph’s Creative Writers Opportunities List (CROWROPPS) was a Yahoo Group that listed residencies, contests, fellowships and other writing-related opportunities. It’s currently on hiatus due to the moderator’s unthinkable loss of her husband. When it returns, it will be a blog because apparently, Yahoo is deleting all of its groups as of December 14, 2019. She will resume posting December 4, 2019, three times a week. Definitely bookmark the blog, she shares plenty of great information.

If you jones for daily updates, check out @WritersofColor and @IBWellsSociety on Twitter. They tweet and RT calls for submission and jobs.

Freelancers in California, you’ll want to keep your eye on the new bill, AB 5, that limits freelancers to writing 35 stories for any one outlet in a year.

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