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Book coverIt’s been a long time coming! Popped, the sequel to Bumped is on its way. Taking up four years after Bumped leaves off, Elle is in the thick of things juggling motherhood and murder.

Stay tuned for pre-order info!

Check out an excerpt here:

I waited four years for this close-up and now it would be seen in high-def. A camera crew nipped at my heels, taping every moment for a new reality show, Going Cam, focusing on my fiancĂ©’s struggle to re-conquer the music industry. Cameron, formerly one of the biggest names in hip hop, was trying to stop his free fall into obscurity. His downward spiral had coincided with my own as we both tried to recover from the fall-out from my ex-boyfriend, Diego, defrauding his A-list clients out of millions of dollars. Present company included.

Now, given a second chance, I had to look and play the part of LA royalty. I was armored up to my neck with weapons of ass destruction in a Spanx bodysuit that flattened my extra rolls and bounce acquired by pregnancy and a love of ice-cream. Tonight, I looked fabulous even if I couldn’t breathe because the dress made a Victorian corset seem like an A line. My motto? Suck it up and suck it in.

I was going to use the blueprint of reality stars before me treading a path to financial security from the launch pad of a reality show. Bethany Frankel. Nene Leakes. If done correctly, my days of walking the tightrope between being broke and not-so-broke would be behind me. Hopefully so would the days of being labeled as “disgraced financial advisor,” Diego Rivera’s ex-girlfriend.

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Sibylla Nash

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